All About Cotton Mule

Who Are We: A small family business. Andrew is in charge of the daily grind from designing, production, sales and customer service. Robin, Andrew's wife and mother to their daughters Paislee and Tinslee, helps run errands for Cotton Mule and consults on many business decisions. Paislee is learning how to be big sister. Benson is our guard dog. His job is to alert everyone when delivery trucks arrive and to help take care of Paislee and Tinslee.

The Story: Cotton Mule is the culmination of Andrew's entrepreneurships over the last decade. "You can trace our roots back to 2008 when I started reselling items online" - Andrew. He has since worked for a few large screen print/embroidery production companies before relocating to the Nashville area in February of 2014. Andrew and Robin previously lived in California and came to Nashville for a quick visit over Thanksgiving in 2013. "We simply fell in love with the city and the people. We knew after visiting Nashville for only 2 days that it felt like home" - Robin.

A few months after arriving in Nashville, Andrew began to work on his new business venture of screen printing and embroidery. "I had the knowledge and experience to make something happen, but I was starting from nothing. I didn't even have my own computer" - Andrew. He reached out to a few people in the industry and began forming relationships in the Nashville area and put his plan into action.

Fast forward a few years and the brand Cotton Mule was born. It was a long, hot summer day of running around town with a pick-up truck full of deliveries. "I remember thinking to myself that I felt like a mule, just busting my back delivering products all over town to our customers" - Andrew.

Our Products: We are proud to call Tennessee our home. It is where we got married, started a family and have made our dreams come true. We love the southern hospitality that Tennessee has to offer and love learning about the surrounding communities. We strive to provide quality products that represent state pride.

Why we are named Cotton Mule: We pride ourselves on working extremely hard, as mules do, to provide quality products, mostly made of cotton, to our customers.